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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

consultant offices and hotel in kolkata!

If you are visiting the eastern India then a detailed visit to Kolkata is a must. If west Bengal is the personification of a body then Kolkata is its heart. Previously since the British raj Calcutta was the name given to the city of joy. But now it has called in a more Bengali accent that is Kolkata. It is a beautiful metropolitan city of India modern and contemporary both come in the same package. Love it, flaunt it or hate it you will never forget the city; build in the grand river called Hoogly.
If you are looking for a stay, hotels in Kolkata
are the safe bet they provide very ethnic Indian hospitality to their guests and graciously each and every staff of the hotel are at their guests' service. In vicinity of the Kolkata airport there are a number of hotels so that boarding aircraft would be easy as distance is negligible you can board aircraft at any time of the day or night as taxi service is present in 24 hours a day at hotel airport Kolkata India.
More information you logged which simply promote hotel businesses in Kolkata to the global front. Don’t take it granted for another simple directory containing some pages of information already available in the net.
Star attractions of Kolkata
There is a state of the art Nakhoda mosque the largest mosque in Kolkata and a marble palace housing the oldest zoo in Kolkatta and a wide collection of art inside a splendid old Kolkatta buildings.
There are Jorasanko Thakur Bari it is the tagore family residence simple and divine,Prasanth Jain Temple near the Belgachia metro station. There is a Parasannath Jain temple near the Belgachia metro station that is one of the attractions for Jainism followersKolkata is full of tourists attractions if there are huge parkland , amusement parks, science centers for children then there are historical monuments, museums and art centers. Specifically there is everything for everybody there is an open Parkland termed as Maidan continuing south from here you will find.Eden gardens is a state of the art cricket stadium(one of the finest in the whole world).To sightsee there are other placealso like building of all India Radio building. Fort William a massive British citadel built in 1773.The fort is still in use and retains its well guarded grandeur. The visit can be allowed only with a special permission. Victoria Memorial is situated along St.George's gate road on the southern part of the Maidan. Victoria Memorial is a prominent landmark of Kolkata city. While Calcutta racecourse is another good example. Another prominent place is Chowringe where northern Kolkatta houses the old buildings belonging to the zamindars rich family of Bengal merchants who used to trade with British. It has some interesting markets inclusive of the famous college street book market where you can trace many out of print books with a little patience.

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